Word from the director

Greetings from SJDP Kangemi! I hope and pray that this message finds you well.  I am well trying to face the pandemic of COVID-19 that has claimed thousands of lives!  The scale on which this pandemic has affected the entire world is unprecedented. It has exposed our vulnerability not merely as human beings but also the systems that we felt were strong enough to protect us. It has hit us and now we are trying to respond in many ways, of course with God at the fore.

Kangemi just like other parts of the world is not the same anymore: lockdowns, warnings, guidelines and of course closure of many amenities such as social entertainments, schools and churches as we struggle to contain this deadly virus.  All of us in the entire world, rich or poor, tall or short, black or white have been left on our knees:  no one is indifferent to the effects of this pandemic.  We have moved from merely listening to news about the deadly virus to now making sure we self-quarantine, aware that the virus is within us and thus we need to take great care if we are to overcome it.

Indeed we shall overcome it but with maximum and combined effort – it is a fight no individual can win single-handedly. SJDP has suspended its interventions in line with the guidelines from our government and yet we seek ways to remain open to the cries of the needy, those who cry to be killed by COVID-19 rather than hunger:  the needy. These are real cries we must continue to listen to even amidst the greatest caution. We shall remain, while ensuring no one’s life is in danger, offering help to our brothers and sisters, those desperately needing our attention: those who might need medical bills taken care of, as well as calling the community to more awareness of the deadly virus while at the same time making sure no one’s life is at risk.

As I write this, I pray for you, your family or community that you may be safe from this pandemic. As I pray for you, I ask that you keep us in your prayers while at the same time pray for the frontline workers: medics and all those risking their lives to save others.

Together, we shall overcome COVID-19.

Empowering Youth