We are living in a modern global world. The medicine allows us to extend human life to unprecedented levels. The Internet can connect us in real-time with someone on the antipodes. Not to mention the tonnes of information circulating all around the globe, enabling businesses to grow limitless and technology to be developed. We look at the stars, picturing ourselves as the owners of a limitless future.

But a different reality is going on at the same time, on the same planet. This modern world is also inhabited by millions of families that can’t afford a house. Some of them live in a little insalubrious room, shared with many. Others struggle to pay the rent and live under a constant state of fear of eviction.

Thousands of single mothers wake up every morning to fight to sustain their families at any cost. And many children just don’t have the opportunity of being schooled. Day after day, they see their own future fading away, sliding through their fingers slowly.

Others are conditioned by trauma, an invisible problem that is so hard to heal. Gender-based violence victims or abused children feel incapable of facing life challenges because of the cruel episodes they suffered or still suffer today.

Some people just don’t get enough food for a living. They try to survive during the day, and they look at the stars at night, dreaming about a life in which their basic needs are covered.

Sometimes these circumstances converge on the same families and even on the same person. Many places are severely beaten by these problems all around the world. One of these places is the Slum area of Kangemi, located close to Nairobi in Kenya. Here, these problems are often interrelated, the so-called cycle of poverty.

This cycle means a newborn child inherits the problematic context of his or her poor family. It will condition the child’s development limiting the chances of getting out of poverty. Therefore, this child will be an adult someday and will extend his situation to his new family, restarting the cycle again. The cycle of poverty is simple: Poverty is hereditary.

But there is one way to break this cycle; providing the tools, teaching the right skills, and empowering people to fight poverty with their own means. Teaching how to fish instead of delivering the fish itself is the key. The first one provides lasting self-sufficiency, while the second one generates dependence.

Since 1987, there has been hope in Kangemi, the Development Arm of a local parish, St. Joseph the Worker Kangemi Parish, who was born with a clear vocation of transforming the local reality. Since then, Saint Joseph Development Programmes (SJDP) has been helping those in need to build themselves a better future. Some of the beneficiaries of these programs are students, people with AIDS, orphans and abandoned children out of the school system, sexual and gender-based violence survivors, and single mothers.

But this would not be possible without the economic support of SJDP’s collaborators. That enables the creation of a new future for Kangemi’s vulnerable people. Becoming a collaborator is taking part in the transformation of this Slum. Any help is welcome and will be wisely used in favor of the neediest.

This November 30th is GIVING TUESDAY. It is a day to promote solidarity and generosity, a day of hope. In contrast with black Friday, this day is about placing others before us. It is a perfect time to cooperate with those who did not have an opportunity. A perfect occasion to take part and break the cycle of poverty.

This GIVING TUESDAY, we want to invite you to choose the future of Kangemi as your cause. With your contribution, we can provide real life-changing opportunities to let others develop their full potential.

Let’s break the cycle of poverty! Choose to build a new future in Kangemi!

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