On 2nd August, St Joseph Technical Secondary School were expecting new students, the Form Ones. They started streaming one by one at around 7am. They looked very excited to come to the new school not to mention joining secondary level. As usual, admission progress began, busy as it was, the staff could not hide their happiness as more students streamed in. This is because, two months before, they were busy marketing the school in churches and the community which to our surprise yielded fruits.

We thank God and our selfless staff for the exemplary work as their efforts did not go in vain. Currently, the school has admitted 38 students in form one where we have 21 boys and 17 girls. From the look of things, the form ones are comfortably at home.

The goodies did not end there, as it came with a new package, rebranding the school uniform. The girls’ skirt was rebranded to a new look, this coincided with a special year in the church calendar dedicated to our Patron Saint Joseph.

Empowering Youth