The parish adopts the system of subdividing a parish into manageable portions best known as Small Christian Communities (SCC) which ensures efficiency in ministering to the high population of faithful, a concept highly recommended by both the Association of Members of Episcopal Conference of Eastern Africa (AMECEA) and the Kenya Catholic Conference of Bishops(KCCB). Over time, the number of the SCCs has grown and increased to a current of 31 communities. In their structures, each SCC has a moderator, secretary and treasurer and their assistants. The parish retains eyes and presence on the ground through various leaders and ministries who also play various designated critical roles. These individuals inform the parish of any urgent matters affecting the vulnerable including cases of death, neglect of children and so on. In return, the Development arm of the Parish works with such leaders to offer appropriate support; youth representatives who link the parish with the youth in the slums; the liturgical ministers who are well adept with the Roman Catholic liturgy and help prepare their communities for the weekly masses; and catechists who teach catechumen the Catholic faith and prepare them for sacraments. As a best practice, these community leaders are drawn from the communities living in Kangemi since they are more in touch and in close proximity with the community members.

St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Parish strives to continually build the capacities of the various leaders in an effort to ensure that they are best equipped to execute their mandate effectively and efficiently. The parish also retains a strong connection with the community through encouraging members to participate in decision making as well as through meeting their various needs to the best possible levels.

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Empowering Youth